I’m often asked: “When Do You Replace Shower Glass Doors?”
The following are a few suggestions based on my 30 plus years of experience in the glass business.

1. If the door no longer closes completely
2. Door does not fit properly (warped)
3. Shower glass is cracked, discolored, or rust stained
4. Framing is rusting out
5. Water is continually finding its way on the floor
6. Bathroom or shower area has been upgraded

Your bathroom is an area where you and your family spend much time and is visible to visitors. Mold, mildew, rust and scum build-up are inhibited when a tight fitting shower door enclosure is present. Call us for a free estimate on a framed or frameless shower door. The choices of new shower enclosures are numerable. Call or visit www.riversideglass.com PH: 978-454-7171.