Importance of Fixing A Cracked Car Windshield in the Winter ?

Is It More Important To Fix A Cracked Car Windshield in the Winter ?

Driving a car with a crack in the windshield – no matter how small – isn’t a smart thing to do any time of the year, but it is even more risky in a typical New England winter. With the shorter days and decreased visibility because of snow, sleet and window’s icing and fogging, it is wise to repair a windshield with a crack. Here are a few additional factors.

1.Cracked windshields will always worsen. The cold and ice on the outside react with the heated blower air on the inside to create more stress on the crack, and therefore the inevitable expansion. Below freezing temperatures make your windshield more vulnerable to cracking.

2.Cracked windshields are at greater risk of fracturing with any type of impact, even going over, rutted snow covered surfaces. Research proves that your vehicle will lose almost 30% of its structural integrity if you are involved in a car accident

3.Airbags may not expand properly (pushing outside the vehicle) if your windshield glass fractures prematurely because of a crack.

There are instances where minor chips in the glass are acceptable. Please call us for an assessment of your windshield. Most windshield replacements are fully covered by Massachusetts auto insurance, except where a small deductible may apply due to coverage choices. We will process all paper work for you and advise as to your best course of action. Call us at #978-454-7171 or visit us on the web: .