Glass Shower Doors: A Cost-Effective Bathroom Improvement

I’m often asked: Why go with a frameless shower glass door? There are several important reasons but a few of the more important are as follows:
1. Frameless shower glass doors are stylish and durable.Made from tempered glass these doors are strong and allow for the beauty of more visible glass in a modern bathroom.
2. Frameless shower doors allow for use in tight spaces and will enable more light and the ability to customize to existing space. The addition of tile, granite and bath accessories is possible.
3. Cost-effective. Frameless glass doors typically work out to be less expensive than framed glass shower doors in the long run.They are more easily cleaned to look like new thus holding their value over the years.
4. Frameless shower doors are considered to be more stylish and will increase resell value. Bathroom upgrades will return 2/3 of their original investment according to Remodeling Magazine.

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